Tap item (other than text items) to open new page?

I’m pretty new to openHAB, just discarded my GIRA homeserver for a Raspberry 2 with openHAB and I think , it’s just amazing what you can do with this combination. So: a big thank you to all the developers.

A couple of issues/questions have popped, I take the liberty to shoot them in the (hopefully) right section of the community forums. So here is one:

Is there a possibility to tap on - say - a switch or selection item that will then open up a new fresh page?


Text item=Temperatures icon="temperature" { ... new page stuff ... }

works well and as it should, but something like:

Selection item=Heatingmode mappings=[1=Com, 2=Abs, 3=Night, 4=Prot] {
.... new page stuff ....

triggers an error of mismatched { …}
The idea of this would be to be able to change a general setting in the selection item on a summary page and only if more detailed settings should be modified (like the setpoint temperatures etc.) one would tap on the (left hand side of the selection item) to bring up the new page.

Any idea on how to make this work?

Many thanks


Please see the Explanations of Sitemaps on the wiki.

In short, you can’t really do it with a Switch or another interactive Sitemap element. But you can do it with non-interactive sitemap Items.

Typically you do it with a Group, which will show the state of the Group with a little “>” on the right which when clicked on will show all of the Items who are members of that Group.

Or, if you want more control you can do it with a Frame element which works sort of like:

Text item=Temperatures icon="temperature" {
    Frame {
        // sub elements