[TapoControl] - Control Tapo Smart WiFi-Devices with Openhab - Official Support Thread

The error is fixed, Color temperature is working fine now.
I did have to use the parameter “sendFrequency” in the Colorpicker of the sitemap, otherwise it would still drop the signals quite often. But with sendFrequency=1000, it is working like a charm now.

I can not test L610 as I do not own it, and since On-Time seems to be not supported, that signal should be removed from the Thing L630.
Other than that I am confident that (just from device test results point of view) the changes can be implemented to the binding.

Thank you so much for the quick on-demand support!

I’ll give it a try tonight if I have time. I know you all don’t hear it enough so thank you for all your hard work


hello @Bigdesaster, i’m looking for a contact sensor, and i’ve seen the Tapo one.
to make it work, i need the tapo hub H100.
i would like to buy the HUB (needed) and the contact sensor, but actually are not supported by binding.
do you think could be possible to add the support for this device on your binding?
as last time for L530, i can send you the log you need :slight_smile:
let me know, and if you would like to manage another challange on this product i will be pleasured to be a cavy :wink:

I afraid that communication protocoll for sensors and hub is not like the direct wifi devices. So it may be not so easy as the normal one.
To investigate that communication i need a hub and some sensors.
But the windows-sensors are too expensive. There are much cheaper Zigbee sensors available.

I understand technocal issues…
Hub + 1 sensor are about 50€ in total on amazon. I dunno if i can post link here,but if you look for hub you can see the bundle with sensor.
About 25€ for each piece.
That’s why male smart home with tapp could be a nice idea and at the same time cheap :wink:

Sorry for a late reply. Unfortunately, I decided to return the bulbs for some brighter ones, so I can’t test your latest.

Still experiencing issues with tapo L 530E Vers. 2.0. Can’t control color.

try to manage color first time from tapo app, and then try to use openhab…i’ve seen that first time needs to be changed from app and then openhab works…

Ah okay got it. Works for me now fine. The bulbs were setted in tapo control app to predefined mode with daylight. That blocks color control via tapocontrol binding.

Ok that is a usefull information to fix this. Thank you.
Not testet yet but it should be reproducible if you set it agay to “daylight” with app und try to change with oh3 again.

Jup is reproduceable.

Hi, Is anyone else having issues with the latest firmware on the l530 bulbs? I get a login error when I attempt to connect the bulbs, however they are able to be discovered through the web portal.

for my L530 Firmware 1.2.2 is the newest and everything is working fine.
Maybe will tracelog help.

I am on the latest release, but still my config for intervall is ignored. I get update statement every 30 seconds.

Would it be possible to create a channel to read wifi channel ? Let me explain why.

I have several AP’s at home and I want to assure that IoT devices are connected to the nearest AP in order to minimize offline status. When I update fw on AP’s the IoT devices search for another AP and stay connected there even when the most favourable AP returns to online. All my AP’s use different channels.

Edit: Forgot that I can do the same using the Unify binding. But maybe this suggestion can be useful to others

Is there a way to get power read updates in intervals less than 10 seconds?

2023-05-24 01:55:15.227 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Item 'P115_SmartPlug_1_Power' changed from 5.521 W to 5.541 W
2023-05-24 01:55:25.235 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Item 'P115_SmartPlug_1_Power' changed from 5.541 W to 5.394 W
2023-05-24 01:55:35.240 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Item 'P115_SmartPlug_1_Power' changed from 5.394 W to 5.489 W
2023-05-24 01:55:45.245 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Item 'P115_SmartPlug_1_Power' changed from 5.489 W to 5.533 W
2023-05-24 01:55:55.251 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Item 'P115_SmartPlug_1_Power' changed from 5.533 W to 5.482 W
2023-05-24 01:56:05.260 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Item 'P115_SmartPlug_1_Power' changed from 5.482 W to 5.49 W

Any updates on this issue?

I could not find any dedicated topic for the Tapo Hub H100.
Should I assume, that somebody is already working on it, since at least this example seems to work for H100 + T310 temp/humidity sensor.

Output from my hub:

 2023-08-08T15:03:12.403Z INFO  tapo_h100 > Device info: HubDeviceInfoResult { device_id: "802D587D11ED63CBA6D79800D493A33A211D3423", type: "SMART.TAPOHUB", model: "H100", hw_id: "81C01BC6E4AD1827315AC6A9D81A3564", hw_ver: "1.0", fw_id: "00000000000000000000000000000000", fw_ver: "1.3.9 Build 230522 Rel.103415", oem_id: "D65F1AA7B819559EDF3C5C2BD5957929", mac: "78-8C-B5-4B-XX-XX", ip: "192.168.xx.xx", ssid: "*******", signal_level: 2, rssi: -50, specs: "EU", lang: "en_US", overheated: false, nickname: "Smart Hub", avatar: "hub", has_set_location_info: true, region: Some("Europe/ABCD"), longitude: Some(xxx), latitude: Some(xxxx), time_diff: Some(234), in_alarm: false, in_alarm_source: "" }
 2023-08-08T15:03:12.404Z INFO  tapo_h100 > Getting child devices...
 2023-08-08T15:03:12.487Z INFO  tapo_h100 > Found T31X child device with nickname: Temperature and Humidity Sensor, id: 802EC4068B78C3BAE58109635A81B96521480F34, temperature: 24.5 Celsius, humidity: 40%, 24-hour ago record: None

Looks like it should be possible to integrate it.
But because i got no H100 and child devices i can not test it

Indeed. Maybe you can ask for donations and then get a hub and sensor? it was around 60 eur myself for h100 and T310.
I can also help for testing and debugging as much as I can.