TasmoHAB - OpenHAB Things and Items Generator via GUI for Tasmota Devices!

I would like to introduce my program “https://github.com/Gifford47/tasmohab”, which I use to integrate tasmota devices in openhab smart home systems.
A big thanks goes first to jimtng with his repo “https://github.com/jimtng/ohgen”. This made my work possible!
The program still has potential, but I hope it will be helpful to some.
I am still filling the readme, but I hope for active participation and improvements!


Version 2.0 is out. Now it is possible to generate a complete thing and item with symantic tags from a tasmota device and add it to your instance.

here are the details:
This is a complete revision of the program. With the core commands gpio, gpios, and template 0 all GPIOs and their peripherals are now displayed.
Also, the serial process has been improved and accelerated. in addition, multiple responses to a command can now be received.

  • added ‘connection error msg’ if http connection fails
  • added comments
  • added thingid variable as global var (also in device config section)
  • added ‘location’ textfield for Group item
  • updated complete get http and serial functions to display all gpios and its peripherals (also esp32)
  • improved the serial transport of data
  • several resonses of one cmd are now also handled correctly
  • check for esp8266 or esp32
  • improved ‘send configuration’ function
  • added ‘UpdateFileName’ to update the output file names of thing and item files according to the current tasmota device
  • added cmds: gpios, gpio, template 0. these are the main usefull commands to show the configuration of ALL gpios
  • added cmds: gpios, gpio, template 0. these are the main usefull commands to show the configuration of ALL gpios
  • added ‘default’ values for measurements like temperature, humidity, etc.
  • updated templates
  • added url to tasmohab.cfg
  • fixed templates
  • added new button ‘Helpfull config urls’ to show urls defined in tasmohab.cfg
  • updated device config tasmota_s20.yaml
  • added ‘edit template’ button and its function
  • fix correct coloumns for ‘sub’-sensors
  • added bold text for headers
  • code improvements: added dict for all couloums (for future improvements)
  • replace ‘-’ with ‘_’ in thingid in yaml config
  • added tasmota S20 / basic template
  • updated function name
  • updated import ‘ohgen’

i wanted to point out that with version 3.1 it is possible to integrate tasmota devices via the openhab rest api with just a few clicks!

I would be happy if people would be found who would contribute to the templates. so the integration of many more devices would be possible!

TasmoHab v3.1 - API support


Feature Release:

  • added REST API support
  • code optimizations
  • added ip from device to template and json
  • ui improvements
  • select/deselect all tasmota objects
  • updated templates
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