Tasmota A0 binding

Hey i tried to read a A0 value and show it on the sitemap, im using transformationPattern=“JSONPATH:$.ANALOG.A0”

and my problem is it take rly rly long for the sidemap to show the current value, some minutes. i only have to items/things. the other one is a relay on off switch which works fast it turns the relay instantly off or on, its just the analog values which take so long. to you have an idea why ?
thanks and best regards

Please show the configuration for your Items, Things and Sitemap, and an example of the JSON string that is sent from your device via MQTT

Please use code fences when sharing these configurations.

Also double check how often your device is actually sending the data itself. Maybe it’s only sending data every 5 minutes.

Did you check when the Tasmota device sends the analog data? If I remember correctly, a change of the relay is sent immediately to MQTT from the tasmota device, but an analog device is probably only sent whenever the tele/%topic%/SENSOR-message is sent, which is set with the “TelePeriod” command.

What does the command “TelePeriod” return in the Tasmota web console? Is it in the same range as the delay you experience in the change of the analog value in Openhab?

What browser are you using? Some don’t refresh as often as they should

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