Tasmota binding

I would highly appreciate an more comfortable binding solution for Tasmota.
Similar to the new Shelly binding.
Don’t forget the Tasmota devices are much cheaper and absolutely reliable.
I think IObroker is also much easier handling these devices


The usual suggestion is either to work on development or offer a bounty at bountysource as incentive for somebody else to do it.

IMHO the “problem” incooperating an Tasmota device is not the missing dedicated binding. Problems do arise since the setup of the Tasmota device is often non-standard/default. Such would not be solved by a binding but only by reading and understanding the documentation of both, Tasmota and openHAB. However …

Reading and understanding the documentation is exacly how I’ve used Tasmota and Openhab for the bulk of my home automation. It’s a bit time consuming and might be exlusive to newcomes without decent technical skill (me if I didn’t take a year of almost daily reading and tinkering). Once the Tasmota device is connect to wifi and MQTT. A potential Tasmota binding could send the configuration through MQTT commands that take input from a user in openhab when adding/configuing the things and channels. I’m not a developer so I don’t know how hard it would be but it might be worth the effort if it eliminates the need to learn the Tasmota documentation beyond flashing and the basics. Anything that lowers the learning curve and makes it easier to get Openhab working with your smart home stuff quickly makes it more likely to get adopted. Seems to be the direction Openhab wants to go, more powerful configuration through the browser while still being powerfly flexible and customizable for those that want to go deep with it.

Maybe this would be acomplished with a more comprehensive guide on the Tasmota documentation side. Would make a good quaratine project.

Generally I second this.

Again I think a kind of automatic inclusion of new Tasmota devices /channels would be great.
Unfortunately I cannot support coding of such functionality I am a “stupid” user just noticing if something is easy or difficult, and here I can tell you it is difficult.
You want to have more users using OpenHab? This is a little piece what could help!

Tasmota devices are cheap, full of functions and reliable

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tasmota binding does not make any sense as tasmota is primarilly aimed to MQTT and there is already binding for MQTT.

That would be waste of time and energy on something really not needed.

Additionally Tasmota does have a Setup Option which would allow openHAB MQTT binding to autodiscover the device. What else would be needed?
As already said the biggest problem is that both Tasmota and openHAB have to be setup correctly.

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I use 5 Tasmota at home using MQTT and KNX-IP.
What would a dedicated Tasmota binding do more than MQTT or KNX-IP ?

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You’re probably right. Perhaps an up to date and comprehensive guide using the mqtt binding would be more efficient.

I thought it might reduce the current need to learn Tasmota beyond the basics and make it dead simple to get a flashed sonoff running in Openhab. A comprehensive and up to date guide for Tasmota and Openhab seems like the better option to me now.
It was a bit of a pain learning Tasmota/Openhab to the point where I could setup my home automation to match how I initially envisioned it.

Well put. It looks to me now like a new binding isn’t needed (I’m also a “stupid” user and don’t really know how bindings work). Maybe, some polished and up to date guides would cut some frustration out of the learning process. Improvements to the current MQTT binding for autodiscovery would also be helpful.

This is an OpenSource project, if you find anything stated in the documentation that is outraged, scroll down and you will field a link which lets you file a change to that part of documentation.

there is literally nothing really to guide in there. Idn, mqtt is one of the simpliest things to work with.

How about starting a new thread with working MQTT / KNX-IP example snippets?

I will provide: Switch On/Off with Shelly1 on Tasmota 8.1 via MQTT to KNX WallSwitch. Newest addition is a Shelly RGBW2, from which i know the MQTT commands.

The summary of this thread could posted to the tasmota wiki. Openhab is just the „interface“ between devices/user and its forum can not (but it is helpful!) store all documentation for „all“ devices available.

That’s a good point to keep in mind. I’m not going to go back through a dozen random posts to add corrections.

I disagree. Setting up a bunch of MQTT devices as a novice was a pain in the ass and it didn’t have to be. If you can’t see that then you have a blindspot.

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I did a little work on the MQTT homeassistant binding now in version 2.5.3, I’ve verified that it works properly with Tasmota based color LED lights and light strings. You just need to change your Tasmota settings to use Homeassistant. Most credit for this goes to @jochen314 and @David_Graeff. The MQTT Homeassistant code has support for many other devices, but I’ve only personally tested color LEDs.

To use it, you just need to install the OpenHab MQTT binding add-on, create a new MQTT broker thing and connect it to your MQTT server/broker. Presumably if you’re using Tasmota you have an MQTT broker like mosquitto set up. If not, then install the moquette MQTT broker OpenHab add-on. From there, just configure your Tasmota device to connect to the same MQTT broker and choose the “Homeassistant” MQTT option in the Tasmota device settings. After that, your Tasmota devices should automatically show up as new Things in OpenHab.

That sounds interesting
I can find MQTT Moquette2.5.2 under Add-Ons/MISC.
Is it that what could help to get an automatic detection of Tasmota devices when adding new devices?
And not destroying other funtionality?
Wait - and what with the standard MQTT binding, not required anymore?

When installed you just select manually adding thing and here you usually select Generic MQTT thing but new this should now be possible to select HomeAssistent MQTT Component, is this what you are describing?

You are close. There was a bug in version 2.5.2 of the MQTT binding that prevented making a proper connection to a Homeassistant device, at least there was a bug in the connection to lights. So if you were to use version 2.5.3, and configure your Tasmota device to use the Homeassistant MQTT settings/schema then your device should be discovered automatically and show up in the Inbox. You can select it from the inbox if you want to enable it, and the corresponding Thing will be created automatically.

From the list you are showing, you will have to create the MQTT Broker Thing, then this will lead you to settings to point at the MQTT broker/server that you are using. Presumably you have installed one if you are using Tasmota. If not, that’s where you could install the Moquette MQTT service from add-ons/Misc.

just seeing the frameware that is most used by Home Auto noobs, not have a binding is sad
i wonder how many peploe just flashed there firtst tasmota device and said where shuld i go
HA or OH?
or maybe its for the best :grimacing: