Tasmota Electrodragon reset?

Electrodragon low voltage with latest Tasmota.

I have added in logging the 3rd entry for logging errors, after saving the device appears in the WiFi but I cannot access it any longer.
Three red LEDs are on and all 30 second or so I can hear the relays switching.

So I pressed each of the two butons for more then 40 seconds, also tried this while switching on, but no result. No AP, it still appears in WLAN but I can’t access.

Any tricks or is it gone?

Not sure. I have the same Electrodragon but I haven’t flashed Tasmota on it, I used my own firware because I wanted to attach an oled display
Have you asked the Tasmota forum?

What Tasmota forum, is there a special forum, I thought here in hardware I am correct?
Doesn’t matter i think it has something to do with the Tasmota version 5.11 what couldn’t work with this logging entry I we changing. Will be reflashed by v the guy who sold me the device cause I don’t know how. The procedure for pressing 40 seconds button 2 isn’t working either

Thanks for taking care

Good luck