Tasmota ESP32CAM Stream won't start

Hi! I know that this isn’t just a problem in Openhab… but maybe you already had and solved this problem!

I have the problem, that when I start up the Tasmota ESP32CAM and try to access the page http://IP/snapshot.jpg it shows a message like “The graphic can’t be shown because it has an error” (translated from German error)

If I directly access the page http://IP:80 i hear the Tasmota Cam working and afterwards the snapshot URL can be seen…

Now my problem of cours is the same in Openhab…
There is no Snapshot or Stream till I visit the page of the ESP32CAM the first time…
Can somebody tell me how I can get the CAM to start the stream automatically or on demand?
Maybe by MQTT etc.?

Found the “fix” for it:

Just type in Console:

Rule1 ON System#Boot DO WcInit ENDON
Rule1 1
Restart 1

So it will start Webstream on start.

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