Tasmota Modbus Bridge + RS485 Modbus RTU Three Phase Meter + Openhab

Hello teachers, I hope I find you healthy.
I want to connect a three-phase meter that works on the Modbus RTU protocol to openhab using the Tasmota Modbus Bridge.

I connected the meter to Tasmota Modbus Bridge and to read the voltage, for example, I have to send the following command to the console:

ModBusSend {"deviceaddress": 1, "functioncode": 3, "startaddress": 0, "type":"int32", "count":1}
stat/tasmota_3AF0BC/RESULT = {"ModbusSend":"Done"}
tele/tasmota_3AF0BC/RESULT = {"ModbusReceived"{"DeviceAddress":1,"FunctionCode":3,"StartAddress":0,"Length":9,"Count":1," Values":[155779072]}}

I noticed that if I convert this number into hexadecimal and then reverse the result and convert it back into decimal, I get exactly the value shown on the meter display.
eg: 155779072 = 9490000 HEX
0000949 = 2377 and reading value is 237.7V

Can someone help me with the integration in openhab and the interpretation of the obtained value? Values":[155779072]

Thank you