Tasmota OTA Update

Hey guys,

did anyone try to flash a new tasiota firmware on the Sonoffs via a private update server?
I setup one with my NAS and even as described by @Theo via flask but in each case the Sonoff reports connection refused.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?
Accessing the file via a browser from different laptops is no problem.

The sonoff can only handle http not https, is that the case?

Nope. I alway started the flask and was WebServer with http and even tried it with http on the browsers. Everything went well and I was able to download the .bin file.

Don’t know, ask the tasmota wiki, they are pretty good at coming back quickly to you
You will have to raise an issue on Github though, there is no forum

Yes, it works. Your setup has to be faulty
I do it this way…
It is on my NAS with a running apache web server

You can try this Tasmota management console