Tasmota Sonoff Zigbee MQTT OH3

I have set up a Sonoff/Tasmota Zigbee Bridge with OH3. I have many Sonoff/Tasmota power switches working with MQTT Broker/Mosquito just fine. I flashed the Sonoff bridge with both Tasmota files and it paired nicely with a Sonoff Zigbee temperature and humidity senor.I have paired a Zigbee dimmer circuit to the bridge and using the Tasmota Console I can dimmer the leds fine. Using MQTT Explorer I can dimmer the LEDs as well. The problem is I can’t configure a channel and item to send the MQTT command to do the same thing. I think I have correct topic in the channel “MQTT Command Topic” cmnd/tasmota_9C813D/ZbSend but I don’t know where to place the payload {“device”:“0xDE89”,“send”:{“dimmer”:}} Does anyone have a link to an article on this subject or maybe a screen shot of and example of the UI channel and item so I can copy the config. Thanks

click on “Advanced” and enter the values into “Outgoing Value Transformation”

To be sure, please post the output of the Tasmota console, and please use code fences

it depends on your tasmota settings;


if all the setoptions are on, the syntax is


and the Outgoing Value Transformation in your case would be

{"device":"yourDevice", "send":{"Dimmer":"%s"} }

I checked the Sonoff/Tasmota bridge and all options are on.
I setup the topic as


and the Outgoing Value Transformation as

{"device":"0xDE89", "send":{"Dimmer":"%s"} }

In the Tasmota console I get

19:53:06.230 SRC: MQTT
19:53:06.231 CMD: Grp 0, Cmd 'ZBSEND', Idx 1, Len 1, Pld 0, Data '0'
19:53:06.236 MQT: stat/tasmota_9C813D/RESULT = {"ZbSend":"Invalid JSON"}

Dimm the LED from your tasmota console and copy the output like this

20:36:20.790 CMD: ZbSend { "device":"Lamp", "send":{"Power":"1"} }
20:36:20.800 MQT: stat/Zigbee/RESULT = {"ZbSend":"Done"}
20:36:21.674 MQT: tele/Zigbee/Lamp/SENSOR = {"Lamp":{"Device":"0xFB7F","Name":"Lamp","Power":1,"Endpoint":1,"LinkQuality":65}}

I sent

zbsend {"device":"0xDE89","send":{"Dimmer":50}}

got back

20:58:22.525 CMD: zbsend {"device":"0xDE89","send":{"Dimmer":50}}
20:58:22.526 SRC: WebConsole from
20:58:22.528 CMD: Grp 0, Cmd 'ZBSEND', Idx 1, Len 40, Pld -99, Data '{"device":"0xDE89","send":{"Dimmer":50}}'
20:58:22.531 ZIG: guessing endpoint 1
20:58:22.532 ZigbeeZCLSend device: 0xDE89, endpoint:1, cluster:0x0008, cmd:0x04, send:"320A00"
20:58:22.533 ZIG: ZbEZSPSend 34000089DE04010800010140010000360106113604320A00
20:58:22.537 MQT: stat/tasmota_9C813D/RESULT = {"ZbSend":"Done"}
20:58:22.606 ZIG: {"ZbEZSPReceived":"340000AC"}
20:58:22.622 ZIG: {"ZbEZSPReceived":"3F000089DE04010800010140010000AC010000"}
20:58:23.624 ZigbeeZCLSend device: 0xDE89, endpoint:1, cluster:0x0008, cmd:0x00, send:"0000"
20:58:23.625 ZIG: ZbEZSPSend 34000089DE040108000101400100003701050037000000
20:58:23.682 ZIG: {"ZbEZSPReceived":"340000AD"}
20:58:23.700 ZIG: {"ZbEZSPReceived":"3F000089DE04010800010140010000AD010000"}
20:58:23.707 ZIG: {"ZbEZSPReceived":"45000004010800010140010000ED58B289DEFFFF081837010000002032"}
20:58:23.709 ZIG: {"ZbZCLReceived":{"groupid":0,"clusterid":"0x0008","srcaddr":"0xDE89","srcendpoint":1,"dstendpoint":1,"wasbroadcast":0,"LinkQuality":24,"securityuse":0,"seqnumber":237,"fc":"0x18","frametype":0,"direction":1,"disableresp":1,"manuf":"0x0000","transact":55,"cmdid":"0x01","payload":"0000002032"}}
20:58:23.711 ZIG: ZbZCLRawReceived: {"0xDE89":{"0008/0000":50,"Endpoint":1,"LinkQuality":24}}
20:58:24.112 MQT: tele/tasmota_9C813D/SENSOR = {"0xDE89":{"Device":"0xDE89","Dimmer":50,"Endpoint":1,"LinkQuality":24}}

Did you set a friendly name for your divice?

zbname 0xDE89,yourName

No I did not I use just the device mac

OK, i guess i just found the error, sorry my fault

it shoul be “Outgoing Value Format” not “Outgoing Value Transformation”

Thank you so MUCH it’s fixed!!!

Now I can get on with all the other stuff I want to do. Great Job Roland !!

no worries