TCP binding Send and Update different message

I’m using TCP binding to connect to a "personalized KNX interface (a socket wich implements a service that directly connects to KNX) developed by me. I’ve implemented my own protocol over TCP, something like:


So, for example, for sending ON to a GroupAddress 0/0/1 of a light I would send:


And if there’s a feedback GroupAddress 0/0/2 I would take back:


I can control the lights correctly, but I can’t get the feedback because by using the .map files we can define just one value to ON and one to OFF.

My .items has:

Switch Light_map         "Light_map"         (Light)    {tcp=">[ON:], OFF:]"}

and my .map:


and of course, when I get the feedback from my service openHab complains there’s no translation in the .map.

Is there a away to do it with MAP? For now I’m using scripts to solve it.