TCP Binding stops working after a while

I changed the Hardware of my Openhab Server and installed Ubuntu Server on it.
Since then the TCP Binding does not work properly anymore.

First it gets data from my Camera and after while of sending every minute new data, it stops working.
From the camera I send the tcp to port 3000 of the openhab server the sending-port is 4546

Number lux "Helligkeit [%.1f Lux]" <sun> (g_mysql) { tcp="<['REGEX((.*))']" }

When I turn on DEBUG Mode in the log, there these logs:




How can I fix this ?

Did you check if firewall is enabled on the server?

It’s telling you that it received a request from to talk with an openHAB port that isn’t in the allowed list (your list being just 3000)

I send it from the Camera from port 4546 to openhab to Port 3000 this Port is already configured in the tcp.cfg…

I will check, but sometimes it works so it can not be the Firewall… Or i am wrong?

Yes. This doesn’t mean the camera does not try to do something else to another port sometimes.

In the Camera the Port on wich tcp is Sendling is set

Here are some DEBUG Logs…But I can´t see a hint… :unamused:
Anybody else ?
It worked till 05:00:39 and then dead…
After a Bundle stop and start it works again for a while…