TCP oh2

i have a thread at

i have an error that i have not been able to get anyone to help me solve. someone that has knowledge of oh2, as well as tcp.

PLEASE, don’t post your problem three times. If you get no answer take into possibility that no one knows the answer …

  1. TCP issues, please help
  2. TCP Help
  3. this post

Btw, read my answer in post 1., maybe that typo solves your problem:
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sorey, but it is highly unlikely that no one knows the answer. more likely that it wasnt seen, or was posted in an area that no one saw it. there are so many people on here that understand the errors i. the logs, regardless if they dont use that particular binding, sobit is more likely than not to find someone to help. really no need to be that way.

See my edit above

It’s not funny to grab your information from three different posts to give you an answer … Either provide all information in all posts or post just once … just my two cents

i understand, and would normally agree, but apparently my third post got some attention woth a possible answer