Telegesis ETRX3USB-LRS cant find a light


I’m complete newbie in openhab.

I installed openhab version 2.4 on my raspberry pi 3 B +. I connect Telegesis ETRX3USB-LRS to raspberry and added it via PAPER UI (inbox). The device is reported as online in the “configuration -> things” menu.

Now I’m trying to pair the zigbee device (light) with openhab through Telegesis. Turn the device off and on again several times. This will start the pairing mode on device (light).
Through PAPER UI - Inbox -> “+” button -> Zigbee Binding I’m trying to find a device. Nothing is found. What I am doing wrong?

Here is the video
Here is the zigbee device

Press the scan button:


and then select Zigbee from the list.

You now have 30 seconds to turn on/off the device (or whatever the action on the device is) to join the device to the coordinator’s network. At this point it should show up in the Inbox.