Telegram binding times out; No messages sent/received

I’m running in to some issue where the Telegram bot times out if there is no activity for a period of a few hours. Usually this occurs while I’m sleeping. I’ll open a door, triggering a rule to send a message and I’ll never get it. But after a few minutes, try the door again and now things work once more.

Is there any way to “heartbeat” Telegram so that the connection stays active?

OH 3.2.0

06:53:30.951 [WARN ] [egram.internal.action.TelegramActions] - Exception occured whilst sending timeout

For now, until the binding get’s some more advanced monitoring features, I’m using this workaround rule to run every hour during the hours when I’m usually asleep:

const API_URL = "http://localhost:8080/rest/things/telegram:telegramBot:aaaaaaaa/enable";
var headers = {
  "WWW-Authenticate": "Basic",
  "Authorization": "Bearer XXXXX",

// Disable Telegram
actions.HTTP.sendHttpPutRequest(API_URL, "text/plain", 'false', headers, 5000);

// Enable 5s later
setTimeout(() => {
  actions.HTTP.sendHttpPutRequest(API_URL, "text/plain", 'true', headers, 5000);
}, 5000);