TelegramAction - issue with Rule

Dear Rules-Experts,
i’m using TelegramActions sucessfully, except one single rule that brings up a lot of headache for days now.

The following line:
telegramAction.sendTelegram("ETA SH20 | Finished: " + PufferState.state + "% | " + hms + " | [" + PUtopTemp.state + "/" + PUobenTemp.state + "/" + PUuntenTemp.state + "]°C")

tells the %-State of the HeaterBuffer, gives a variable hms, and shows the level of temps in the Buffer. Easy.
As soon as it looks like this i receive the following error log in openhab.log

2023-05-16 22:15:54.891 [ERROR] [internal.handler.ScriptActionHandler] - Script execution of rule with UID 'eta-1' faile                                                                                                                     d: Conversion = ' ' in eta

When i cut off the rule line to stop at BufferState.state and close with a “)” it works fine.

Any idea what makes openhab not like my line of rules configuration??

Thanks a lot

Rules Language?

I see “PufferState.state” in the line of code, not “BufferState.state”. Is that the actual line of code or a typo?

When problems occur log out everything!

sorry, its PufferState, so in the rule its written correctly.

Can you tell me how to log out “everything”. you mean in terms of telegram binding itself?

You are concatenating the states of three Items along with six or seven Strings. Break it up and log out each and every state of each Item (separate log statements). Gradually build up the message, logging it out each step of the way.

I‘m using python rules and I add the unicode identifier in the action

telegramAction.sendTelegram(u"" + speedMessage)