Telephone System that integrates well with openHAB


in the near future I have to switch from my currently used ISDN telephone system to something IP based.This might be a good moment to replace the telephone system with something which integrates well in openhab (information about in- and outgoing calls, trigger rules by calls, initiate calls by openHAB).

First choice would probably a Asterisk server, as a binding exists. But to be honest, I would prefer not to have to learn who to install and administer such a serve. Therefore I would prefer a preinstalled appliance (e.g. starface) or a ready to install telephone system.

A must is the possibility to connect a analog phone and fax, an internal ISDN port would be nice. In addition a would need a internal SIP server for my Mobotix T24.

I would also prefer to be able to be able to install firmware updates myself. Currently I have an elmeg ICT88 and the vendor does not release firmware updates to end customers. In my view this is not practicable for a system connect to the internet.

Thanks for your help in advance, any recommendation is very much appreciated!


Maybe this is a little bit of what you’re looking for?

Call Incoming_Call_No "Anrufende Nummer [%2$s]" { fritzbox="inbound" }
Switch Incoming_Call "Ringing" { fritzbox="inbound" }
Call Active_Call "Connected to [%1$s from %2$s]" { fritzbox="active" }
Call Letzter_Anrufer "Letzter Anrufer: [%2$s]"

If yes, then have a look at the following links:

Daniel Wenzel describes how he did this:

Fritz!box binding

avm products

As far as I know the actual versions do not allow the needed telnet Protokoll anymore.

Pity, I had this on my todo-list.

This really peeves me off… :rage:

I imported a container load of stuff from Germany into Australia and dropped AVM FritzBox 7430 in as well, because of the QH binding and what can be done with it.
The first thing I had to discover: it does not allow the installation of an English language interface!

I then went and bought a 7490 – the onyl one available in AU, and now I am hearing no Telnet install possible.

It looks like these clowns are locking the box down, thus making it useless for an OH integration.

Now I am all ears – before I even use the 7490 (maybe sell it) – what to use to enable VOIP with OH integration…

Before you sell it, you should have a look at Freetz

It’s a firmware extension which let’s you pretty much install anything on your FritzBox. You should be able to get the telnet interface back easily.

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Currently I have a Fritzbox for connecting my Mobotix T24, not as internet router. But to be honest, I do not like it very much for various reasons, although the openHAB Integration works very well. For my telephony system I am looking for a solution with a bit more flexibility and possibilities, but maybe I just do not know the Fritzbox well enough.

The tr64 binding should work with the Fritzbox, even when the telnet interface is disabled.

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True! :slight_smile:Thanks, I gave it a try and at least incoming calls show without any errors.

I use a Fritzbox 7490 with the fritzbox-binding (not TR64). Firmware-Version is 6.80 (latest official)

And it works. I get messages when a call gets in.

Can someone explain to me, why there are two bindings? Fritzbox binding is working even with the latest firmware-version from avm. So why an extra TR64-binding?

Can you also display outgoing calls (resolved) with your binding?

It worked when i tested it some time ago.

But now i only use it to send me a message to Habdroid when someone rings the bell (ip-doorphone connected to the fritzbox)