Tellstick binding OH2 itmes switch off


I’ve got a problem with my tellstick it’s really no big deal but when I switch an item on from app or web the switch immediatley turns on and then off but and after one or two seconds it turns on again and stays on. This make my rules behave a bit strange. Do anybody have a good idea of where to start.

To begin, I think it’s necessary to show here how you create elements, site map, rules, if any, etc., show everything that has to do with your switch.
Thank you!

okey here it comes

Switch gDO_kokknapp “Köksdörrsknapp” (gDO, all) {channel=“tellstick:switch:1:6:state”}

Switch item=gDO_kokknapp label=“Köksdörrsknapp”

I don’t beleive that the problem is in my rules since alla switches act the same way no mather if there’s rules running from or to it. Hopefully I’ve done som simple misstake or pheraps many misstakes.

Are you sure you do not change the gDO_kokknapp in any rule?

Yes I change it in one rule but even switches without rules have thge same issue.

rule “kitchen_door”

                    Item gDO_kokknapp changed from OFF to ON
                                    if (gDO_bells.state==ON){
                                    var string player2 = "squeezebox:squeezeboxplayer:571ee880:881564d17a51"
                                    playSound(player2, "doorbell.mp3")
                                    sendCommand(gDO_kokknapp, OFF)


                            if(gDO_bells.state==OFF) {
                                    sendBroadcastNotification("Köksdörren mute")
                                    sendCommand(gDO_kokknapp, OFF)


I’m not a programmer, but it seemed to me that the second condition would always be fulfilled, regardless of gDO_bells.state, is it so conceived?

I don’t think so since the pushnotice is working properly and today I tried diffrent browser and Internet explorer doesn’t have this issue but Firefox and Habdroid got it.

It is sad :frowning:
Here I do not know how to help, forgive …

But aleast you where willing to help me maybe somebodye else jumps into it.