Tellstick Duo and Hue, lights going "crazy" when adding new things and items

I have this weird problem when adding new devices to my tellstick duo,
The way its configured is this I control the Hue lights using Nexa switches that communicates via a Tellstick Duo, running on a RasperryPi with Raspbian. When I did my initial settup, writing the scripts to contol on/off, dimming and colourtemp for my hue lights everything worked fine, but adding new devices to the tellstick interface, or later when adding them as items, or when the Pi is rebooting, the lights go abolutly crazy, turning on and of, dimming changing color and som on,
this goes on for a good 10 minutes before everything seems to calm down and from there on works the way I want it to.

Looking at the dashboard i can see the switches (both the Nexa/tellstick switches and the Hue switch objects, turning on and off by itself).
The log file gets filled up pages and pages with several on/off dimming and so on commands for the lights all within the same couple of minutes.

Can someone please help me explain whats going on and how to fix it…

Not fun adding more functionality late at night, and all the lights in the kids rooms goes “bananas” waking them up.

It should be noted that after a while everything calms down and starts working just as expected…