Tellstick Duo slow temperatur read


OpenHAB is really slow to update temperature information from my RAR801 outdoor sensor.

My homemade python script updated once every minute when the sensor send out data and i can see in tdtool that it is updating every minute.
But the OpenHAB Binding is not updating that offend. It is more like every 3 to 5 minute. Is there any way to change that interval?

I need a steady temperature in the room at 21.7 to 21.8 degrees celsius and OpenHAB is no use if the binding is so slow. So can i change the interval?

Its currently not possible to change the reading interval as I know.
@jarlebh had made a rewrite of the binding to openHab2 API, maybe its possible to integrate interval setting there. The telldus-core API support more frequent reading as I understand it.

I guess all boils down to if someone have some time to spare to implement and test it.

All events from telldus core should be handled and reported, however there is code to ignore duplicate messages with a certain window. Please enable debug and see what the log sais.


Hi. Thanks for reply. I have for now only testet the openHAB. Sone i will move to my new house equipped with many censors and power relays. I will let you know what i find out about the debug log as sone as i can.