Tellstick local API

When comes local API for Tellstick ?
I have OpenHABian on a Raspberry Pi and it works well but i want to control things local.
I have tried Hassio and it connects easy to local control, but I want to stay on OpenHab.
Can anyone help with this ?

Welcome to the community!

Depending on your Tellstick model, different bridge-types are available:

Model Telldus Core Telldus Live Local REST API Verified working with openHAB
Tellstick Basic X X X
Tellstick Duo X X X
Tellstick Net v.1 X
Tellstick Net v.2 X X
Tellstick ZNet Lite v.1 X X X
Tellstick ZNet Lite v.2 X X

See the documentation for more details.

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I have Tellstick Znet Lite v2 and it works with local API in Hassio.
My question was when the Tellstick binding will get support for local API? (if anyone works with this)

I’ve just purchased a Tellstick Znet Lite v2 and created an issue on github for this, I’ll also create a PR to implement support for local API in the tellstick binding.

First version ready for test, basic functionality seems to work.
Binding jar-file.

$ md5 target/org.openhab.binding.tellstick-3.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar 
MD5 (target/org.openhab.binding.tellstick-3.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar) = 55245455526a56b625bb69a591ac0338


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Now my enhancement with support for local API is merged into main and is an official part of the Tellstickbinding in OH3. :slight_smile:

Latest jar-file.

$ md5 target/org.openhab.binding.tellstick-3.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar 
MD5 (target/org.openhab.binding.tellstick-3.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar) = 7b356445a9c645a28af7a90e58d73b89


Hi Jan,
I came across this old thread about Tellstick binding. From what I understand you have been kind enough to fix support in the binding for Tellstick Znet Lite V2. If so, should this be updated in the information about the binding (Tellstick - Bindings | openHAB)?

And if it NOT so, I would very much like to know this since I am just about to buy one as a replacement for my old Tellstick Duo that does not seem to like being installed on a new Windows machine.

All the best!


Hi Samir!

Sorry for the late answer, I’ve been out of the automation loop for a while. :slight_smile:

You’re correct, I’m running Tellstick Znet Lite V2 towards the local API using the Telldus Local Bridge in my own home automation.

I also used to have a Duo but switched to the Znet to get rid of the need to have anything physically connected to my Raspberry PI.

However I’ve not tested support for Telldus Live Bridge but I see no reason to use the live bridge since you then need to pay for live.



Hi Janne,
thank you very much for your kind and clear answer!
Best regards