Telnet problem


I’m trying to control some light through a control box that allows me to connect via telnet.
On connection the box put’s out some status information (which should be ignored). To switch on light a command with “e1:1” must be sent with telnet. I tried to implement it with the tcp& udp binding. In my items file i set up the switch:

Switch “Kueche1” (gKt) { tcp=">[ON:‘e1:1’], >[ON:'e1:0]" }

The configuration gets loaded, and when I start OH it also connects to the box and in the log in ready out the initial status information of the box and then I get an error that this informtion can not be parsed.

I cannot control the lights, but i think this related to the error on connection.

Can someone help on this?

Thanks and best regards

It may be that your control box requires the telnet protocol, not just a raw TCP connection.

“Telnet is a way of passing control information about the communication channel. It defines line-buffering, character echo, etc, and is done through a series of will/wont/do/dont messages when the connection starts (and, on rare occasions, during the session).” - Reference:

I too wish there was a way to implement Switch "name" { telnet=">[ON:ip_addr:port:'cmd'] } but have yet to see this.