Telnet with username and password

I have an AudioControl Architect 961, multiroom amplifier that can be controlled with telnet. My problem is that it requires a username and password. Below is an from the owners manual:

User ID: architect (note: all lower case)
Password: 900
An example of a typical telnet login session is:
/Telnet> login
/Telnet> UserID?: architect
/Telnet> Password?: 900
/Telnet> User authenticated!

Once authenticated there are commands to Mute/Unmute each zone and a Power On/off.
I don’t think the TCP binding supports adding a username and password. I have seen a couple of examples of a linux script that use expect. (Fritzbox in wiki examples and Radio RA in forum).
But for now, I am running OH2 on Windows 8, and I don’t know how to make a script in windows.

I can connect with Putty. Also, I can control with both iRule and SimpleControl.

Is there a simple way to make an authenticated Telnet connection with openHAB?

I have 2 other options with this device

  1. I can connect the 12v trigger from my Denon receiver to this, so that it will power on whenever Zone 2 of my Denon powers on. But I won’t be able to mute the individual speaker zones of the amp.
  2. There is also an internal web server that does not require authentication, but it is very slow and the http commands are not documented. My attempts to reverse engineer with TCPdump and wireshark, so for have been unsuccessful.