Temp display of Netatmo Outdoor Module in HomeKit shows wrong value (OH3)

Still a VERY beginner but got HomeKit connection working with OH3 with friendly support from here! Have e.g. a WeMo Plug that is now working fine with HomeKit.
Next I tried is to display inside and outside temperature from my Netatmo modules. They both show up OK in the OH UI and after adding metadata (TemperatureSensor) both values are displayed in HomeKit but only the indoor value is correct, the outside temperature is fixed at 10.0C regardless of the real temperature. Is there anything I‘m missing?

Looks relevant (colder than 10C where you are? It is where I am!)


Thank you, rossko! This did the trick :slight_smile: Made me use YAML script the first time as the parameter (min temp) could not be set through the interface.
For all who have the same scenario as me: here’s the short version how to fix it:

  • In the UI, open your Temperature item and there open the Apple HomeKit Metadata
  • Chose “TemperatureSensor” for the HomeKit Accessory/Characteristic
  • Switch to the Code tab and change to:
value: TemperatureSensor
   minValue: -20
  • Save
  • Edit your item as such and change e.g. the name to trigger the metadata to refresh
  • Check HomeKit on your iOS device, should display the real temperature now!
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