Temperature and Humidity not updating

Hi All
Iam lost on what i have done wrong and would appreciate if you could help me figure out what i did wrong.
My temperature and humidity is generated from ESP8266 published using MQTT. I can see the temperature updates in my eventlog

My item file has the following
String Mqtt_Temp “Temperature [%s °C]” {mqtt="<[broker:openhab/sensor/temperature:state:default]"}
Number Mqtt_Humid “Humidity [%.1f %%]” {mqtt="<[broker:openhab/sensor/humidity:state:default]"}

My sitemap has the following
Text item=Mqtt_Temp label=“Temperature”
Text item=Mqtt_Humid label=“Humidity”
My openhab dashboard temperature is not displaying anything.

Ok, found my error , i removed the labels and it started working
My sitemap has the following
Text item=Mqtt_Temp label="Temperature"
Text item=Mqtt_Humid label=“Humidity”

The labels in your sitemap were overriding the labels in your items file, and the version in the sitemap did not have the placeholders (parts in [square brackets]) needed to show the states.