Temperature & Humidity for bathroom

Im looking for temperature and humidity sensor which I could use in bathroom. Im familiar with DHT22 sensors , using them around home but not sure if this sensor would work well in bathroom as I heard opinions that doesn’t like dump.
Is there any alternative available on a market with good reputation ? Also I should mention that will be planning to use it with Sonoff unit so ideally 3.3V or 5V supply. I tested DS18B20 , very good waterproof sensor but it would be good to measure humidity as well.
Please share your ideas.

I have used an HTU21D in my bathroom for over 2 years now without any issues

See below how to install and configure with tasmota

I’m using an AM2301 for almost a year now. It’s attached to a MagicHome LED Controller together with a HC-SR501 PIR Sensor and RGB LED stripes. the controller is Tasmota flashed and talks MQTT with OH. I don’t have troubles with dump.
I trigger alerts when humidity is above a certain value for a certain time. the temperature sensor is controlling my electric heater which goes on 10min before wife enters the bathroom in the morning. that feature raised WAF of OH tremendous…

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Thanks to both of you for your replies. As i leave in England we get a lot of moisture in bathroom especially when taking shower. So I’m slightly worry that if I use DHT22 and this sensor gets some dump it would not function correctly. I will read some reviews about abound recommendations from both of you and will choose sensor with best feedback.
Many thanks

I’ve had no issues leaving my sensor (NodeMCU based MQTT multi-sensor with OLED display) in the bathroom, it’s been there for over a year now. The enclosure may be helping, but I think the DHT22 in general is not as bad as people think it is – I think all the bad opinions stem from the fact the DHT11 is pretty bad at accuracy and longevity, so people assume the DHT22 is just as bad. Bottom line, out of the 12 or so sensors I have around my house (some of them at ~3 years old now), none have failed at all so far.

I run my code on most of these and do a thorough calibration run (basically leave the sensor next to my HVAC thermostat for a few days and check the charts daily to build in any temp/humidity offsets). Lately, I have been converting them to ESPEasy, as its support for OLED screens has improved a lot and I’m able to easily configure the sensor (and add my offsets) via a web GUI.

Thanks I will probably stick to DHT22 , reading different posts this sensor gets some positive feedback.
However I will purchase some other types so I can run some tests at home just in case I find some problems with DHT22.