Temperature icon dynamic?

Is the temperature (purple thermometer) icon a dynamic icon? As a user, how would I know whether or not it is?

The built-in icons are stored in a jar file named org.eclipse.smarthome.ui.iconset.classic-*.jar

Inside this file, you have an icon named temperature.png and other two named temperature_hot.png and temperature_cold.png - which do not use hyphens as a dynamic icon, so they are all independent static icons.

As a user, you can test it by creating an item with icon <temperature> and use a rule to set Item.state=0 and then Item.state=100. You should still always have the same identical purple icon.

OK thanks. I can’t say that a typical user should need to build fake items to test and find out (for the tens of items included). It would be really nice to have a list of them somewhere. I guess either in the documentation or included in a .txt file in the Eclipse distro. Documentation seems like the better place. List should be based on this?

I just mentioned the fake items approach because you might want to have a way to test it yourself. If you just want to know what the icons are, then it is already documented here:


Still, I see the list is not 100% complete (e.g. the temperature_hot and temperature_cold icons would be an “undocumented feature”), so you may refer to the GitHub page you linked to for the actual list of the available icon files. And yeah, one piece of information that might be worth adding there is which icons are dynamic and which are not, as this is what you are looking for.

I appreciate the option, I’m just saying Joe User might not want to go through that. I think the bigger issue is that you don’t know what icons are dynamic and how they are (humidity-0 through 100 vs temperature vs door-open or closed). I’ll submit a PR in the documentation to at least reference the link. Thanks.