Temperature in Goup Item

Hi !

i created the goup heating for my kitchen wich you can see when you go to my kitchen in the GUI under this group i see all item related to the heating in the kitchen.
How i can mange to see in the group item also the actual temparture and not only the icon and the label…

Ciao Gerd

Is this a sitemap question?

It’s probably easiest not to use the Group in the sitemap at all

Text item=my_temp_sensor label="Any thing you like [%s]" icon="anyIcon" {
   Text item=my_temp_sensor
   Switch item=my_heater_control
   Setpoint item=my_thermostat
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Thanks a lot… perfekt :slight_smile:

Please tick the solution, thanks

I wonder if this is something that should be stated more directly in the sitemap documentation, perhaps as an alternative to using the group element. I just had a look through the webpage, and a nested block is shown in the first code example, which is then repeated at the end of the doc along with an explanation of all the elements. So, the first mention of a nested block is at the end of the page.

If this makes sense, I’ll take a shot at updating the doc. I haven’t done a Github pull request before (or forked a repository), so it’ll be a learning process for me.

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