Temperature lists (weekplan) with Openhab? HM_CC_RT_DN

Hi there,

I’m converting my setup from FHEM. FHEM allowed to have temparature lists for thermostates like the following:

tempListSat>08:00 14.0 15:00 18.0 21:30 19.0 24:00 14.0
tempListSun>08:00 14.0 15:00 18.0 21:30 19.0 24:00 17.0
tempListMon>07:00 14.0 16:00 18.0 21:00 19.0 24:00 14.0

“Saturday until 08:00 set temperature 14.0” etc

Can anyone tell me what’s the best way to define something like this in openhab?
From what I saw there is no direct way to do this… :confused:

Thermostats are HM_CC_RT_DN
Thanks a lot!

Hello, have you found an elegant way to implement this?
At the moment I am also investigating…

This script looks like that it does the required job (but I haven’t tested it): https://github.com/braveheuel/hm-prowee

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Thanks this is looking very promising

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Ok i tested it now and it works very well.
Now it would be cool to show and edit the text file within the browser similar to my screenshot:

Showing the file with a Webview url is not a big deal, but easy editing is. I found html and js code to do the job, but for security reasons you can not load the file directly from disk, but always have to use a manual input mask:

It would be cool just to have a save button. Any idea how to implement this without exposing my whole disk to the browser?