Temperature not updating using zwave (OH2)

I’m a bit stuck why my temperature is not updating in OH2, works fine in the _Default sitemap !

The zwave device is “Z-Wave Node 6: ZW074 4 in One MultiSensor (G5)”.

In my items file I’ve added the following (obtained the zwave from paper UI) :

Number Temp_Outside “Temperature: [%.1f C]” {channel=zwave:device:155c4282ffd:node6:sensor_temperature}

In my sitemap, I have the following

Text item=Temp_Outside icon=“temperature”

When viewing the item in Habmin I can see values against the _default sitemap.

Actually its started updating now…weird

sorry moved to: https://community.openhab.org/t/zwave-fgk101-door-sensor-with-temperature-sensor/4165/11