Temperature reading from KNX

Dear all,

I am tried to visualize a temperature from the KNX bus in my openhab installation, but I cannot make it work. The temperature is available on the bus (tested via group monitoring in ETS).

Below, you’ll see some snippets of the current configuration.


Bridge knx:ip:bridge [
localIp=“”] {
Thing device 2F_Switch_Actuator [
] {
Type switch : 2F_Technical_Light “2F_Technical_Light” [ ga=“2/0/110+<2/1/110” ]
Type switch : 2F_Bathroom_Light “2F_Bathroom_Light” [ ga=“2/0/120+<2/1/120” ]
Type switch : 2F_Bedroom_Light “2F_Bedroom_Light” [ ga=“2/0/130+<2/1/130” ]
Type switch : 2F_Storage_Light “2F_Storage_Light” [ ga=“2/0/140+<2/1/140” ]
Thing device 2F_Bedroom_Switch [
] {
Type number : 2F_Bedroom_Temperature “2F_Bedroom_Temperature” [ ga=“9.001:<2/2/130” ]


Number 2F_Bedroom_Temperature “Temperatuur [%.1f °C]” (2F_Bedroom_Temperature) [“Temperature”] {channel=“knx:device:bridge:2F_Bedroom_Switch:2F_Bedroom_Temerpature”}


sitemap tmp label=“Test” {
Frame {
Switch item=1F_Bedroom_Back_Light icon=“light” label=“Room1”
Switch item=1F_Bedroom_Front_Light icon=“light” label=“Room2”
Switch item=2F_Storage_Light label=“Room3”
Switch item=2F_Technical_Light label=“Room4”
Switch item=2F_Bedroom_Light label=“Room5”
Switch item=2F_Corridor_Light label=“Room6”
Text item=2F_Bedroom_Temperature label=“Room Temperature”

The light control and status is working properly; but I cannot get the temperature working. The item is shown in the basic-UI, but the value is not populated.

When looking into the openhab-logs, I do not find any item related to the temperature reading. I have already struggled for a day with this issue. I hope someone can help me out.


Looks like a typo in your Item channel configuration…

Edit: and welcome to the openHAB forum!!

Thank you. That is very stupid; but it is now working.
My initial version did not have the typo (because I checked it); but I probably introduced it afterwards.
Anyway, it is working.

I was wondering whether it is a requirement to create KNX-“devices”? Isn’t it possible to work directly with the GA?

No, knx2 is working with things.

openHAB2 uses the Things model to get an abstraction layer for hardware. This way all items (which are the representation of states and the anchors to send commands to) are configured in the same way.
Please be aware that some abstraction layers are needed for simplifying the addon programming, so not for the convenience of users, but to ease the job of the maintainers… :wink: