Temperature sensor not working as expected

Hello there,

On thursday I installed 3 Temp/Hum sensor in 3 sonoff basic, and yesterday I was testing them, but it seems they are not working properly. I mean, the sensor works fine, because give me Temperature, I have tested in the fridge also, but is not accurate.

On sonoff I setup as a AM2301.

On each room always give me a temperature of 27-29º even if is on the morning when outside is 18º, and the windows open whole day, so it is imposible is 28º in the room, living room and so on.

Today I putted one of them outside, and reach 23.7º when is 19º… Something is wrong.

Which other sensor there are in the Market with more quality? just to test it.

gpio14 2 - select sensor AM2301
What kind of resistor do you have implemented.

It done like this.

About the resistor, I do not have any resistor installed yet. I guess that I should install 10K resistor?

I don’t find very sense when my Refresh time is 60seconds, so enough time to get the value and to change from TX/RX in the data wire. The thing is that the range of temperature always is between 27-29 when should at least reach lower temperature like 20-24.

Thanks Harry.

I bought a few AM2301 sensors from amazon to use with my sonoff basic and found that setting GPIO to 14 3 sensor SI7021 with no resistor is accurate. If you try it this way remember to change the JSONPATH($.SI7021.Temperature).



Interesting, I will try.