Temperature sensor with CUL usb


I’m trying to get a cheap Pearl 433 Mhz temperature sensor to work with openhab.
I did a lot of searching in the forum and the internet, but I can’t get an answer.

Is there any chance to do this with openhab and without the pilight-binding with the CUL-USB? (maybe some native stuff)

Pilight-receive shows with the following data from my ebay gpio 433 Mhz receiver:

	"message": {
		"id": 1297,
		"temperature": 21.5,
		"humidity": 19.0,
		"battery": 1
	"origin": "receiver",
	"protocol": "alecto_ws1700",
	"uuid": "0000-b8-27-eb-db2e06",
	"repeats": 3

Thanks a lot for your help