Temperature thing Problem with knx 2.4

Hi guys,

i made an upgrade from knx 1 to knx 2.4.

Almost everything is working fine, but i am struggling with my temperature thing.

the configuration of all knx things are equal, but the temperature thing is not working.
Without any channels the thing goes online.

But if i set any channel the thing runs into the error “UNINITIALIZED - HANDLER_CONFIGURATION_PENDING”.
After some channel link and unlink Sessions, the thing goes online and get the Right temp values.

But after a restart or initialization of all things, the temp thing shows the error again.

Here is my thing config:

Thing device Temperatur "Temperatur"

        Type number	: Temperatur        "Raumtemperatur"		    [ga="9.001:<3/0/0"]

Here the item

Number	Temperatur		"Raumtemperatur [%.1f °C]"	<temperature>	(CH_Wohnraum, Temperatur)		{ channel="knx:device:bridge:Temperatur:Temperatur"}

Hope you have an advice

best regards

I deleted the temperature Thing in my knx.thing config and made it new over paper ui.

The Thing was immediately online, but after a System reboot i had the same Problem.

I cleared the Cache, but nothing helps.
I cannot understand, what the problem is, because all other things with the same config work.
The only difference is the 9.001 number protocol.

Other number items also work perfect.

Hope you have an advice, i am frustrated.