Temperature value

I’m trying to write a rule to turn a plug on if the temperature in our bedroom is below a certain value.

In the log, I see this:

NetatmoMainStation_Temperature changed from 16.1000003814697265625 °C to 16.200000762939453125 °C

My rule has this:

rule "Electric Blanket"
        Item NetatmoMainStation_Temperature received update
        if ( NetatmoMainStation_Temperature.state < 20 ) {
                logInfo("Bedroom cold", "Bedroom below 20")

But the ‘if’ doesn’t seem to return true.

I also had this before the if statement:

val bedtemp = Integer::parseInt(NetatmoMainStation_Temperature.state.toString)

And changed my if accordingly but that didn’t seem to work either. I’m guessing it’s the fact that the temperature has the degrees C bit on the end so it’s not being seen as a number.

Is there a simple solution or do I need to strip off the first five characters, for example, to get 16.10?

This thread might help you remove the UoM from the State

You probably need to add .state as Number to your netamo temperature… I had this issue as well.

And then you might need to add |"°C" to the temperature setting.

This is a rule where I use netamo temperature reading… Hopefully it will help:

rule "Automatic control of all skylight windows"
    Item NetamoIndendoersTemperature changed or
//    Item Node13_SensorLuminance changed or
    Item alarm_totalalarm changed or
    Item dummy1 changed
    // Exit the rule when there is nothing to do
    if(Override.state == ON) return;
    if(alarm_totalalarm.state instanceof Switch ) return;
    if(!(Node13_SensorLuminance.state instanceof Number)) return;
    if(!(NetamoIndendoersTemperature.state instanceof Number)) return;

    // Calculate which velux to send the ON command to
    val Number fTemp = NetamoIndendoersTemperature.state as Number
    val Number lux = Node13_SensorLuminance.state as Number
    val alarm = alarm_totalalarm.state
    var velux = VeluxAlleLuk

    // Third table
    if(alarm == ON) {
        logInfo("debug", "Third table clause. Alarm is ON")
        velux = if(fTemp >= 23.0|"°C") VeluxAlleVent else VeluxAlleLuk

    // Second table, we already know alarm isn't ON so we don't have to test it for OFF here
    else if(lux < 17){ 
        logInfo("debug", "Second table clause. Lux < 17")
        velux = if(fTemp >= 23.0|"°C") VeluxAlleVent else VeluxAlleLuk

    // First table, we know that alarm isn't ON and we know lux >= 17 so we don't have to test for it here
        else {
        logInfo("debug", "First table clause")
        switch fTemp 
            case fTemp >= 24.5|"°C": velux = VeluxAlleAaben100
            case fTemp >= 24.0|"°C": velux = VeluxAlleAaben75
            case fTemp >= 23.5|"°C": velux = VeluxAlleAaben50
            case fTemp >= 23.0|"°C": velux = VeluxAlleVent
            default: velux = VeluxAlleLuk
        logInfo("debug", "Choose " + velux.name)

    // Send the command
	logInfo("skylight", "Sending ON command to " + velux.name + " because Netamo Temperatur = " + NetamoIndendoersTemperature.state + "  Lux = " + Node13_SensorLuminance.state + " and Alarm = " + alarm_totalalarm.state)

Boom! Yep. That’s sorted it, thank you.


That’s right, the “magic word” in openHAB is QuantityType for this kind of number+units object.

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