Template feature with Fritz!OS7 not working

I have a FritzBox 6490 (Unitymedia) running FRITZ!OS 7.01 and an openHAB installation V2.4 running on a RaspberryPie. Using the actual AVM FRITZ! Binding i realised, that there is an interesting new feature concerning the new Template option that came up with Fritz!OS 7.
For the implementation i followed the docs and examples and i found the template identifyers at the FritzBox support page.
In the logs i can see that the rule is activated and that the correct command to activate the template is sent to the FritzBox, but the FritzBox showes no effect. The settings are not changed in any kind as expected. Is there some trick i don’t know? Any magic settings at the FritzBox.?
I am using Fritzbox related TR084 and AVM FRITZ! bindings and FRITZ!DECT components for a long time without facing serious problems but with the templates i need some help.to get it working.