Template widget - report temperature

Hello guys,
I am very new here - with a very basic question.

I am trying to create a simplistic template widget that will report the temperature that is read by my thermostatic sensor.

I am trying this:

InsideTemperature: {{itemValue(‘zwave:device:98a9193a:node8:sensor_report’)}}

The issue is that will report N/A instead of the temperarure.

zwave:device:98a9193a:node8:sensor_report is the Item ID that i have copied from PaperUI.
Where I am going wrong here ?

You copied a channel, I think you need to change:
“InsideTemperature: {{itemValue(‘zwave:device:98a9193a:node8:sensor_report’)}}”
“nsideTemperature: {{itemValue(‘itemname’)}}”

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Thank you.

But then … where do i get the itemname in PaperUI ?

Typically it’s something you name yourself and link to the channel, here is an example of my nest thermostat. (Note intentionally whited out some info that is custom for my setup)

Also consider this, I did not use PaperUI to create my items, I created it directly in my /etc/openhab/items folder (linux version) in a nest.items file.

Number:Temperature   NestTStat_ambient_temperature_f "Nest Ambient Temp [%.0f %unit%]" { channel="nest:thermostat:Nest:Nest:temperature" }

Many thanks ! Very helpful