Do two reboots of OH and see if that helps as others have mentioned that after cleaning cache on OH 2.5 this was needed. Not sure why two reboots but it’s worth a shot. Other than that I do not know what else to suggest … maybe donate a Tesla and I can help test the binding. :laughing:

totally missed your answer, sorry. Did this today:

  1. Took away openHAB from autostart
  2. Shutdown openHAB
  3. Deleted userdata/cache/* and userdata/tmp/*
  4. Rebooted the windows machine
  5. Let it be for a couple of minutes so everything (except openHAB) started
  6. Rebooted again
  7. Started openHAB
  8. Let it be for a number of minutes so the log stopped printing out a lot
  9. Shutdown openHAB
  10. Rebooted the machine
  11. Put openHAB in autostart again
  12. Started openHAB

In the logs, exactly the same things as reported above


And just to repeat, one line from the log:
12:49:48.702 [ERROR] [.internal.handler.TeslaAccountHandler] - An exception occurred while connecting to the Tesla back-end: ‘null’

So same behaviour as before, no luck I’m afraid.

Any other suggestions…? Now EVCar has stopped working (nothing to do with openHAB) so it would be really nice to get this working.