Tesla Binding 3.4.1 - possible to start preconditioning and unlock charging port?

Dear community:

I just bought a Tesla Model 3 and are trying to integrate the car to OH so I can control charging and preconditioning in a better way than Tesla schedule. I’m able to connect to the car and get data about charging rate, percentage etc. I can also control start stop charging by “charge” channel. However I’m missing two key functions:

  1. Start preconditioning: I have tried “climate”, “preconditioning”, “smartpreconditioning” channels but none of them since to send command to the car to start preconditioning. I’d like to define an automation when I’m at home and it’s not a public holiday, preheat the car at 7:45. Is it possible to manually control the preconditioning or turn on climate system from OH?
  2. I live in EU and the 3rd party type 2 cables doesn’t have unlock button. So I’d like an unlock cable switch in OH. Reading the document I find “chargeport” channel but that seems only controls the door of the charging port. Is there another channel I can use to unlock the cable after finishing charging?

Any suggestion is appreciated!