Tesla Binding keeps Model 3 from sleeping

I added the Tesla Binding 2.5 to include my Model 3, but it appears that the binding keeps the car from sleeping, despite the setting to not wake up the car.

These are my settings:


Bridge tesla:account:myaccount "My Tesla Account" [ refreshToken="b085266d0817fac3e60a0bb362e95656c7ed338?????????????????????????",username="?????@gmx.de", password="??????", allowWakeup="false"] {
    model3 alize "MODEL3" [ vin="5YJ3E7EA3LF??????"]


Number:Speed         TeslaSpeed                  {channel="tesla:model3:myaccount:alize:speed"}
String               TeslaState                  {channel="tesla:model3:myaccount:alize:state"}
DateTime             TeslaEventstamp             {channel="tesla:model3:myaccount:alive:eventstamp"}

Querying works fine *1, so I’m not going further on the items or the sitemap.

I can see in the teslafi logging, that the car goes to sleep when I unload the tesla binding in the addons.cfg. When I add the binding, the car wakes up (which is fine for an initial query I guess), the values are queried, but the car never goes to sleep afterwards. I also have always current timestamps in the TeslaEventstamp. What can I do further to help the car sleep?

*1 Actually, I had initially a problem connecting to tesla with the token. I cannot run the login procedure as described in the binding doc, because the terminal omits some characters, and I never get the account login to be authorized. So I created a token somehwere else, but it does not work either. It worked when I also added my username and password for my tesla login to the bridge, so this seems undocumented but it’s working.

I do not have a Tesla but I do have a link that you may find helpful.

There are several post regarding sleep or “vampire drain” on Tesla vehicles, hope this helps.