Tesla binding not updating

I’m running Openhab v3.0.2. I configured the Tesla Bridge and Tesla binding for my car. The Tesla binding is nog updating spontaneously my data. Only if I disable and than enable the Binding Thing, I get updated values.
Anyone experiencing the same issue? Any solution?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Hi Hubert,

exact same issue. I have two Tesla (Model 90D and P100) and both show same issue even when they run different software. Are you configuring using /etc/openhab/things… /items files to configure or do you use the provided web config page? I intend to point to the allow_wakeup flag. Are you using this?? I don´t yet…

OH3 user

HI Carl,

thanks for your reply.

I use the web config page. I even didn’t find a things file. Do you?
The allow_wakeup flag is enabled. I even send a wake-up command to the car every 5 min. With no success so far. I also tried the flash light command. No success either.

I also use the Valet for Tesla software on y my Mac. This software always updates immediately.

I have no clue on what’s wrong. I hope someone else could bring his/here’s experience.



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