Tesla T-Smart Smart Immersion Heater / Thermostat Binding

I am working on a binding to support the Tesla T-Smart Smart Immersion Heater / Thermostat device https://www.tsmart.co.uk/.

The device allows monitoring and control over the temperature and heating of water in a cylinder.

The build is derived from the API docs shared here Telsa T-Smart Immersion Heater - Hardware - Home Assistant Community and some inspiration from GitHub - britkat1980/tsmart.

I’ve already written a good proportion of the binding code with the following features

  • Monitor Device
    • Temperature
    • Setpoint
    • Mode
    • Relay State
    • Power
  • Set Setpoint / Mode
  • Discovery

I’m wondering if anyone has this device and would help with testing / feedback etc.? I’ve posted a github issue here and will be creating a PR soon.