Testers for changed Squeezebox binding

I’ve done some changes to the Squeezebox binding. I’ve added support to enable/disable alarms using the binding and disabled the 10 second subscription. (The binding now works exclusively with the events from the Logitech Media Server which causes less cpu and network traffic) I’ve uploaded the changes to my GitHub account: https://github.com/TheNetStriker/openhab/tree/SqueezeboxAlarm

The binding now works very good for me. Is anyone willing to test the new binding?

I can test. Do you have the jar versions ready for download?

Thanks for your help, I’ve uploaded the two jar’s to my Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n2ddq2r1rs8t0e7/SqueezeboxV1.zip?dl=0

Hey David, thanks for sharing! I just installed your version and can also help to test.
Is it also possible to read alarm times? Do you have some documentation about the changes?


At the moment alarm times are not read, but that could also be implemented. But to set the alarm time there is no ui element. It could only be set e.g. by a selector with a lot of values. (e.g. for every 15 minutes)

I’ve uploaded all changes to my GitHub account: https://github.com/TheNetStriker/openhab/commits/SqueezeboxAlarm

Everything works good so far. For the Alarms, I have just tested to use the alarmsenabled command, this works also without problems.

I can imagine that setting the alarm times would be a bit messy in the current UI indeed and not really usable.

To get the alarm times would be cool though. Actually an event that fires when any of the alarms have been changed would also be sufficient. Currently I have a script running that reads the alarm state and times every 15 minutes. openHAB now knows when I am supposed to get up --> If my motion sensor has not been triggered 15 minutes after my squeezebox alarm has gone off, I can execute some actions to wake me up after all :wink:

But back on topic… Everything is working fine so far. If I run into something I’ll let you know.


Hi David,

your version of the binding is working very well for me. I have it running here since you posted it. Will you have the changes merged into the official version any time soon?