Testing Z-Wave binding on openHAB-2

It’s not currently supported in OH2 though - as I’ve said a few time I need to look at supporting the scene classes…

in OH1 i (apparently) reconfigured my nodon remote to not send scene commands and was able to use it as a normal switch even though it wasn’t known.
Does that work in OH2 (using unrecognized devices)? If so, could some manual configure gui be added to habmin that allows you to send a certain parameter to a device even though it isnt known, or could that mess up the devices?

Im not thinking of that as a solution for the nodon remotes, but more in general for new devices before they are added to the database.


At the moment, this isn’t possible. Maybe it’s something I can look at in future, but for now, the database is required.

Dear @chris,

could you please add Devolo MT02648 Door/Window Contact to the database, it’s still marked as “More information required”.

node13.xml (5.9 KB)


Done - thanks… Although it would always be nice at some stage if people could spend some time to improve the descriptions (maybe not now, but one for a rainy day :wink: ).

Thank you again for the quick implementation!

What is the best way to improve the descriptions? Should this be done in the Z-Wave database? I’m not quite sure if my english and know how on Z-Wave is good enough to edit this ins the database.

I seem to have a problem that was mentioned very early in this thread, but I can’t figure out which line of discussion has the solution: I just installed the Z-wave 2.0 binding (from Paper UI), but I see nothing to select in either PaperUI or Habmin to configure the controller.

In Paper UI, Add Thing, Z-wave Binding, it says “Binding does not support discovery Manually Add Thing”, but the list of things does not include controllers (my Aeon Gen 5 stick or any others). In HabMin, Thing Configuration, Add, Z-wave, Select thing type…, there is nothing listed.

I’m running the Beta snapshot linked from the main Openhab page (if there’s more current, I’m not clear on how to get it), latest habmin snapshot, and other than this, they seem to be working

@chris I would like to add a device to the database. Here is the XML: http://pastebin.com/5VN7DW9n
This is a Leviton DZPD3-1LW.

Chris I get a 404 error when using the link to the jar. Did you host the binding in a new place?

The updates to the binding (not HABmin) comes now with the nightly buildings of OH2: Maven-Projekt openHAB-Distribution.

Does the list of ZWave Things include “ZWave Serial Controller”? If so pick that.

What is the best/correct way to add/configure things to groups and to add them to sitemap?

Um, no…

That includes generic Zwave serial controller - not listed.

Does anyone have a sample .things file for the z-wave binding? I’m planning on manually defining the things for my key devices so as to be able to quickly revert back to my original configuration when doing upgrades (unless there is a better way?).


It should be there. It is called Z-wave serial controller, and is listed as the first Z item alphabetically.

As already mentioned, the Z-Wave binding is now included in the nightly build, and HABmin is currently in the main HABmin2 repository.

I’ll look again when I get home, but I wasn’t seeing any controllers at all last night

The controller can’t really not be there - it’s called “Z-Wave Serial Controller”.

I’ve updated the binding to add support for scene classes (SCENE_ACTIVATION and CENTRAL_SCENE). These classes will provide a value provided by the device - so the linked item will need to be a number, and if you want to use it in a rule, then you need to act on any change to its value…

Currently I’ve just updated the database for two devices - the POPP WALL-C, and the Nodon controller.

Feedback welcome (which you can interpret as ‘essential’).

Chris will you be adding the zwave.me wall controller later?