Text color change based on state change - label card

Noob question related to yaml and the oh-label-card.

I’m trying to change the text color of a state vs ON or OFF

Here is a sample of the code:


component: oh-label-card
  title: Day State
  item: Day
  visible: =items.Day.state === 'ON'
  icon: oh:sun
  background: lightblue
  footer: asdasd
slots: null

I’ve tried color and textColor with no luck?

Thanks for any help.

Looking at the component reference there is no filed to change the color. That makes some sense since the page overall often needs control over the font color to support light and dark themes. You might be able to dig into the underlying F7 widgets or CSS stuff to see if there is a way to configure it outside of these config parameters but that’s far beyond my knowledge and skill.

Hello Bob,
were you able to resolve your problem?
I wish to change the color of the text depends on temperature value.
<= 4dg - blue, >4dg - black