Text configuration loading after change

does anybody noticed that the latest 3.4.3 whenever i do any changes in my items or things files those changes arent pick-up after the second change so lets say i change the things one and then one more time and the second change doesnt get it into the core?

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Thanks for the hint but i will not mark as a solution more of workaround.

There is no known solution.

Is this a fix for it?

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Nice so there is a fix on the way. It’s really annoying have to restart every time to make a change even in karaf if i restart the bundle still nothing.
I should of checked GitHub apreciate looking for it.

As a work-around until 4.0 you can always rename the file back and forth to fully reload it, e.g.:

mv items/test.items items/test.items_
mv items/test.items_ items/test.items