Text entry in OpenHAB, to pass onto Node-RED, for text messages

I’m using OpenHAB to display some data, and would like a text entry field (phone number entry) in the same sitemap that would allow me to send the phone number string to Node-RED for sending text messages via Twilio. Unless I’m missing something, the there is no Twilio addon for OpenHAB, right? I know there’s a sendSMS function for my.openhab, but I’d rather not waste their resources for silly thing I’m doing.

So, first step is to create text entry field in OpenHAB, and maybe send the text via MQTT to Node-RED, and then figure out how to configure the Twilio node to accept this string.

Everything I’m reading about OpenHAB text field entry requires writing a custom JavaScript to update a String item via REST API using PUT. Is that still the case? I couldn’t google any good examples. If you know of one, kindly point me to it.

Is there an easier way to send a SMS msg from a user defined phone number than what I’m planning?