Text items as subsitemaps

Hi there,
I am new to Openhab and I am trying to get a sitemap going where i can group some items in a Text field on a sitemap.

This is my actual code, but it ends up in a browser timeout:

	Text label="TestLabel" item=testinput {
		Frame label="TestLabels"{
			Switch item=wechselrichter label="Wechselrichter [%s]"
			Switch item=server label="Server [%s]"
			Switch item=router label="Router [%s]"
			Switch item=nPiGarage label="NanoPi Garage [%s]"

the Items file is

Switch server "Server" <switch> {channel="network:device:server:online"}
Switch wechselrichter "SMA Wechselrichter" <switch> {channel="network:device:wechselrichter:online"}
Switch router "Fritzbox" <switch> {channel="network:device:router:online"}
Switch nPiGarage "NanoPi Garage" <switch> {channel="network:device:nPiGarage:online"}

The Things regarding for the online binding are working. When I’m placing the items directly on the sitemap everything works fine.

I don’t know where a mistake can be.
Thanks for your help!


Check your setup against the docs: