Text items without a value showing a dash in the android app

Since a recent OpenHAB update I’m seeing a dash behind text items that do not have a value in the android app.
Any idea how I can remove this?


String FirstFloor 		"Verdieping"
String BathRoom			"Badkamer"
String GroundFloor 		"Gelijkvloers"
String LivingRoom		"Woonkamer"
String BedRoom			"Slaapkamer"
String Shower			"Douche"
String Garage			"Garage"
String Storage			"Berging"


Text item=FirstFloor icon="firstfloor"	
Text item=GroundFloor icon="groundfloor"	

String items have now a default state pattern if none is specified: %s
It leads to value “-” in any sitemap UI in case your item state is NULL or UNDEF.
You can override this default by adding


at the end of the label of your item or sitemap element.
In case you would like to set it at item level, here is an example with one of your items:

String FirstFloor 		"Verdieping []"

Or do it on the Text element in sitemap by adding a similar label parameter.

That did the trick, thanks for the help!