Text or Number automatically update UI


I have a Number and/or Text that is updated by MQTT. The basic UI is not refreshing when the number changes. However, when I refresh the browser, the number is updates. I am wondering if I should move over to a switch. All my switches are working


Number sensor1humidity "Sensor1 Humidity [%.1f%%]" {mqtt="<[broker:sensornode1:state:JSONPATH($.humidity)]",autoupdate="false" }

There shouldn’t be a need to change the type of the item. I have a couple of string items, also some MQTT items (currenty for testing since i’m waiting for my hardware) and I do not have a problem with string items

Have you tried deleting the browser cache.
Sometimes - especially when editing my sitemap files - i sometimes face problems with UI not updating.
But deleting the cache mostly works, and if not, restarting OpenHab definitely works for me.

Do you use Firefox or Chrome?
Some people complain about UI is not updating after changing of Items, Things etc. After an restart of openHAb it works again.

I did never get Firefox to update but Edge does.


It is in chrome. I did not know if only switches and contacts should only
have automatic updates

And the Android App did never had any problems with item state updates, for me.

When updating items files or any file in the etc directory, I always restart the server after I have finished.

Believe it or not this cures 90% of problems where everything seems like it should work, but doesn’t.

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Thank you all

For some reason it started working this morning. I am stumped :slight_smile:

but thanks for all the help